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150,000 children already study at Algorithmics in 20+ countries around the world

These are universal skills, often neglected by schools. They can be applied to any subject, from maths and science to languages and humanities.
Many of us have wondered how relevant the subjects we learn at school are in later life. However, with Algorithmics, our students learn entrepreneurial skills and thinking that will be beneficial all the way through their academic and professional career.
Development of critical thinking
Development of entrepreneurial skills
What students will learn in the coding course:
Coding is one of the most valuable and sought-after skills of 21st century. Even if our students choose another path, any employer would place huge value on coding knowledge.
Our students don't just create algorithms, they save princesses and build space rockets. This way, their curiosity develops and they do not lose the interest towards education.
Future-proofing career development
Nurturing curiosity
Tutor-led remote learning
  • Adaptative IT-platform
    • Proprietary interactive educational platform that allows each child to learn at an individual pace
    • Access to all the materials 24/7
  • Individual Approach
    • With up to 12 kids in a group tutors will apply an individual approach to every child
  • Convenient concept
    • Choose your schedule
    • Learn without leaving home
    • Interactive game format
A tailored approach to each student
The Algorithmics platform creates an individual study program for each student and helps the teacher analyse the progress of the children in the group.

We teach children how to program and understand computer code. By the end of the course, our students can create their own games and cartoons
"My son Xabier says it's great, he learns a lot and that the teacher is really nice. He genuinely enjoys it and is really motivated. He likes to practice at home and if he needs help, his teacher responds right away. Really recommended."

— Marian, mother of Xabier (Spain)

Professionals who care
Only professionals and caring teachers who are trained according to our methods work at Algorithmics.
"My 8-year-old son Alain is really pleased. He says he has a great time learning and that the lessons make him think a lot. He even says he learns more during the lessons than he does at school."

— Raquel, mother of Alain (Spain)
Our training program was developed by an international team of educational experts, including Derek Breen, the world-renowned teacher of programming for children and author of textbooks on creative programming for kids translated into 7 languages.

The quality of our educational content is crucial to us. Every week, experienced educational experts from Algorithmics update our current programs by studying and applying the best global practices and approaches to teaching programming to kids.
Our courses
Through the creation of their own cartoons and computer games, the children develop logical and algorithmic thinking. This can help them in school
The kids will work out the basic concepts of algorithms and programming while learning the Python language. As they are immersed in the culture and specifics of the IT world, they will try out different areas of software development.
is a program which aim is to introduce the students to different areas of digital design and to give them the opportunity to consciously choose their own direction of further development in design
Graphic design
A fascinating immersion into the world of game development and the first steps towards mastering a highly-demanded profession
Game Design
Enrollment is open year round
Our class capacity: up to 12 students.

Students do not sit at the computers the whole time. They also paint, calculate, create, and do group projects in the workbook to practice.

Parents know what their children are doing. After each lesson, parents receive an email sharing what their young programmers learned that day.

By the end of the course, students will have created their own projects, such as a game, cartoon, or interactive book.
Photos from lessons at school
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